Saturday, January 13, 2007


The theists believe that their existence would not be possible without God.
But, there would be no atheists too if there was no God !

The Hindu spells his god differently; a Christian, his; a Parsi, his and so on.
Atheists are people who do not idolize the concept. They are the people who spell god differently.
Me; You; Hope; Belief; Faith; Freedom; Conscience; Love et cetera.
The theists channelize the likes through the personification called GOD!

Hence its the god that keeps everyone going.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

U cant have the Benz n drive it too !!

Everyone’s dream, or should I say everyone’s preposterous dream is to own n drive a Benz.

Would I want to classify my self as one?

Y not?

But why should I ?

Most people gape at the Benz only to be considered as one among the in-crowd and some affluent ones buy it to be gaped at!?! (Sounds like an filthy rich …ah….hobby? ).

People who are serious about their dreams work all their way up and save the buck, meal and holiday to own one. But at large only to keep urself abreast in the corporate circle u end up paying atleast 6 million, and u also make sure its not a C or E class for the price u r paying and give it the perfect touch with zapping system, fine interiors and aristocratic upholstery. U spend all u can to make that look awe-inspiring and perhaps it also will aa.nn.dd now,u will carefully hand it over to your chauffeur to drive around the city, ohkay, to drive you around the city. Phweps!! U never get to drive it, of course, agreed,u have test driven it!

I somehow am always convinced that people who own a Benz never get to drive it.

If its obvious that u r rich n can buy one, its more obvious that u will be busier enough to appoint a chauffeur who will drive it around for u while u r busy working hard tryin to sustain it with u . So have u dreamt all ur life to buy one and hand it over to somebody else to drive it and be with the only joy of having the RC in ur name or sometimes that too in your spouses name?

I hardly or rather have never seen a man buy the Benz for the sheer joy of drivin it. Its largely his status quo that drives him to but one. Because , by the time u grow up to buy one u probably would have bygone the age to feel the power n joy of driving it and worse, u will only be working hard to sustain it. All you get to do in the car is to sit behind and read the newspaper or be over a call that is expected to drive you crazy.

When you are young your dad thinks u too irresponsible to get a chance to drive it or don deserve it at all and your mom thinks he is right! and by the time u take to earn it urself u only have time to talk bout pressures, conferences, money, shares n yeah spirituality to save ur soul.


Is it cos, uve seen n heard ppl havin such a dream n hence u jus adopted it or U still have that dream because u ve always had it in the past or is it cos ppl might think u r fashionably challenged, ….i mean….challenged in the latest fashion ??!!??

Hmmm.Think. Most of the time the answers u get will be such preposterous ones. Tryin to call urself focused with long term goals, u often, or always miss the small fun. It’s those small disorganized acts of ur life that maketh the big picture. Something like all the small irregular pieces put together completes the big beautiful jigsaw puzzle. Its like that. But that’s jus a puzzle n we r talking bout life. Here the difference is, with every addition of a smaller piece ur bigger frame changes. Every noticed it.

So my voice is , ‘ I don’t c the point in having long term rigid goals’ By the time u reach the end of ur so called long term , everything else would have changed n u will be left only with the ‘ long term goal’ , n that too only because u have been havin it all the while. hey is that wot i wan to call a mind block. Yes. Its best to adopt change, adopt to change and continuously reinvent urself.

‘U cannot solve a problem with the same mindset in which u created it – Einstein’

Its soo much fine to change , redefine and continuously reinvent urself without losing the meaning .[ Meaning ?! …..this is open to interpretations]

So hang on, think wot u wanna do, wot u r doin, will wot u r doin lead to wot u wanna do and will a change in wot u wanna do bcos of wor u r doin be acceptable to u ? if u say no, find out why, convince urself n jus keep goin! Perhaps thats the best decision u have taken in life.

I consider the change a greater revelation n an achievement in life. I think u must constantly revise ur fundamental beliefs and priorities. Now what will concern u is what will ppl think of me if my fundamentals r constantly being revised.Well, isnt it better to live on the right track than to exist in the wrong ones. Ask them which track r they r in ? n r they doin wot they wanted to do in that track? Well, am sure most of the time u will be relieved ( if u couldn convice u atleast wud have confused them by now) n will continue ur reinvention path.

Btw, do u really care what ppl whom u don care bout think of u?!?! n lemme tell u, ppl who care bout u will always appreciate this kinda change. The rest of the indifferent world doesn’t matter to u.

(i) pl note that m not talknin bout your values.

(ii)Benz is an indicative example n is ofcourse applicable to Ferrari, porsche, limo n the sorts.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All bout Venus !

Me !
Am neither a nutshell nor a one liner.

The Student in Me!
Interesting theories, mind bogglin concepts ,breathtakin profs , great friends ,sleepless nights of assignments in coll & party. This is all that it takes to interest me now!

The Sudha in Me!
I learn from the mistakes of others , after all i cant live long enough to make them all myself. Mistakes are my best teacher and i will learn it only my way.
Life is so full of surprises and i am so full of contradictions.
Life is so full of mistakes and u live with so full of opportunities.
I hunt for silence in the crowd and search for noise in the solitude.
[Thats the way u learn n unlearn life !!]

U have a crazy concept with some far fetched philosophy embedded in it... I AM IMPRESSED!!

I believe :
There is no free lunch.
Its better to be happy than to be right.

My paradox: I always lie [ beserk!]..if its true it must be false.

I wonder : How we understand life backwards and live it forward ???? crazy globes !!

To sum up all in a nutshel :
[ i told u, am up with contradictions !!]
I am a stubborn,rational ,calm and a very very very patient gal.u really have to try hard to get on my nerves. U r jus one of a specimen if uve actually done it. But for all u know i might pardon u AGAIN! Thats about the venus in me. I am not a philosopher (yet) and I am not narcissist.
Wot else can u expect from a TAUREAN who jus wont buy the Goodman [ i bet its an oxymoron!!]

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